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Special Staffing Report for Pharmacy Managers

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High-Caliber Professionals Ready to Serve



Quick Placement of Pharmacists to
Support Your Staffing Needs

When you need a pharmacist, of course you want the best — and you might even need someone right now.

VelocityRPh provides:

  • Registered, skilled pharmacists that present a professional image
  • Rapid response to your staffing needs
  • Excellent customer service and support

Velocity RPh is very selective about the pharmacists we bring on board to represent your company. We do promise FAST RELIEF with high-caliber, registered pharmacists - the kind we’d trust in our pharmacy. Someone fully trained in dispensing drugs, and pleasantly interacting with our staff and tending to our customers.

Learn how Velocity keeps its promises when partnering with hospitals, retailers and other venues to fill immediate, future and emergent pharmacist openings.

Pharmacists: Join Our Team

If you’re a registered pharmacist looking for ways to increase your income, of course you want “the highest pay” and “the best opportunities.” Velocity provides both — including flexibility and pay that’s about equivalent to time-and-a-half of what you’re earning now.

  • Earn more per hour
  • Flexible hours and schedules
  • Great support team at Velocity RPh

Learn how Velocity helps registered pharmacists live and enjoy life more — and earn what top pharmacists are really worth.