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About Us: Pharmacists at the Speed of Need.


Ever since we launched our pharmacy staffing firm (see section entitled “The Boring Stuff” below), we’ve been asking pharmacists and individuals responsible for staffing at pharmacies what they want from their staffing agency. We’ve built the best of the best of your replies into our practice to create what we believe, and what we think you will agree, is the superlative in pharmacy staffing agencies for both pharmacists and the pharmacies that hire them.

Here’s what you told us you want … and what Velocity RPh delivers.

Need a pharmacist immediately? Call us now toll-free 866-573-7905.

If you’re responsible
for pharmacy staffing, you want:

If you’re a pharmacist
looking for work, you want:

  • Fast service (we need a registered pharmacist pronto, like two hours ago)

  • Competent pharmacists (no wide-eyed kids, wobbly retirees, addicts or pharmacists on probation/under disciplinary action, please)

  • Flexible, adaptive pharmacists who respect the way we do business (we don’t care how they do it over there, this is how we do it here)

  • Trained pharmacists who know our registers, equipment and methods (for the job to get done well we need someone who can step right up to the plate where and when needed)

  • Professional pharmacists (unfortunately, a white coat doesn’t always spell “professional”)

  • Competent, “customer-centered” agency management (we know you’re people, too, but we really do have a business to run and have no desire to coddle or hand-hold our agency)

  • More money (been eyeing a 26-footer, thinking about a long vacation, wondering how to pump up my IRA)

  • More flexibility (to work a few hours a week or a few dozens-of-hours a week, as I need and am able to)

  • More freedom (to work the days and shifts I want, and to book that Disney cruise without begging for time off)

  • More choice (to work in a hospital if I prefer or to try my hands at retail because where I’m at now is getting old; and to travel, or not, as I wish)

  • More training (please don’t dump me in a situation and expect me to excel when I don’t know about the register or the insurances or even how to arm the alarm or whom to call for help)

  • More support (there’s only one of me; please don’t toss me into chaos without the proper support team)

  • More money (there is a shortage of pharmacists, right?)

You asked. We answered.
See how Velocity RPh delivers in each of these areas by visiting our page for pharmacies seeking pharmacists or our page for pharmacists seeking flexible, high-paying work.

And if you have any questions, comments or concerns along the way, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call.

The Boring Stuff: Our Mission, How We Started, Yadda Yadda, Blah Blah
The marketing folks tell us not to focus too much on “us,” but we think that if you’re considering partnering with Velocity RPh, either as a pharmacy client or as a pharmacist, then you’ll want to know at least a little something about who we are and what drives us.

Velocity RPH is a pharmacist staffing agency owned and managed by Registered Pharmacists Richard Briggs and Becky Briggs. Our mission is to ease the pharmacist shortage in hospital, retail, mail-order and other pharmacy practices by providing competent registered pharmacists and pharmacy management services quickly, within hours, when you need it.

We first went into the pharmacy staffing business in 1990 simply because we saw a need and a way to fill it: we knew of several pharmacies seeking competent temporary and permanent registered pharmacists; we also personally knew several pharmacists—people we trusted—who happened to be searching for extra, part-time and full-time work.

After these initial pharmacy-to-pharmacist connections, bingo—Velocity RPH was born.

We’ve stayed small since then, growing only as fast as our supply of top-quality, highly competent pharmacists would let us. Today, Velocity RPH continues to seek only competent pharmacists—for us to provide a pharmacist to anyone, anywhere, we first have to feel comfortable that he or she is honorable, competent and above reproof: someone we’d want working in OUR pharmacy, dispensing OUR drugs, interacting with OUR staff and customers.

And we also go out of our way to ensure you get the coverage you need when you need it: check out our pharmacy staffing case study to find out how Velocity RPh not only promises speedy relief, but also takes extraordinary measures when needed to keep that promise.

Pharmaceutical drugsThis is why Velocity RPH today is the emergent coverage pharmacist staffing agency of choice for many large local, regional and nationwide retailers —one of whom works exclusively with us. (We’re not allowed to drop names here, but we will be glad to share our client list with you when you call.)

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Call or e-mail us today.

We invite you to contact us at any time. Whether you are a pharmacy looking for the best pharmacists or pharmacist looking for the best pharmacy, we are here for you.

Main Number: 866-573-7905
Fax Number: 314-480-7297

Email :Richard Briggs
Email :Becky Briggs

We look forward to serving you.


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