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Retail or hospital pharmacy? Mail order pharmacy? Speciality pharmacy? Other pharmacy?

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On the hunt for an agency staffing partner to help you weather current, future and emergent staffing requirements?

If you arrived here by Googling “pharmacy staffing agency” or a similar phrase, you may already be familiar with the claims and promises of pharmacy staffing agencies, some well known, some not, all hawking their wares like sideshow barkers just outside the Big Top: We have the largest pool of registered pharmacists here! Get the best agency over here! We are the leading pharmacist provider here! We’re committed to total quality over here!

Frankly, we at Velocity RPh believe such claims, unsubstantiated, make it difficult for you to see what truly differentiates one pharmacy staffing agency from another; they also help to give pharmacy staffing agencies overall an undeserved “bad rap.”

That’s why our goal here is simply to tell you what we offer in terms of what you and others in similar positions have told us you want and need, including Pharmacy Directors, Pharmacy Managers, Staffing Coordinators, Regional and District Managers, and even CEOs and CFOs. See what we have to say. And we’ll leave it to you to decide whether you feel Velocity RPh is worth the few minutes of your time it takes to send an e-mail or give us a call. (Because we believe so strongly in what we do, we’re confident your vote will be in our favor!)

Need pharmacists, fast?
Well Velocity RPh is FAST. Other firms also claim speedy service; we are actually equipped to deliver. Owner Richard Briggs is a licensed pilot who has personally flown pharmacists to various locations to fill unplanned, emergency vacancies. Read the case study to see how Velocity met one such urgent pharmacist staffing need for a large regional grocery chain. And even if you don’t need us to send someone by air, you’ll still find that we do everything in our power to see that you get the competent help you need when you need it.

Need competent pharmacists?
The pharmacists Velocity RPh provides are pharmacists owners Richard and Becky Briggs would trust working in their pharmacy, dispensing their drugs, working with their team, and consulting with their patients and customers. Because we’re so selective we can’t promise you the “largest” talent pool—but we can promise you people of top-notch character and competence, people we know and trust and who are able to step into a situation, do the job you need done, and do it well.

Want flexible, adaptive pharmacists?
The people we bring on board are people who understand that their job is not to change the way you do business, but to do your business the way you want it done. Sure, they’re qualified and willing to provide input if asked, but our people know that, in most cases, they’re expected to work per your requirements.

Want pharmacists trained on your equipment and in your procedures?
If you’re seeking a long-term or regular staffing partnership, you will appreciate this Velocity RPh advantage: before bringing in a new pharmacist we will first learn how you do business and then personally train and work with your incoming pharmacist so he or she is ready to go immediately.

Need professional pharmacists?
Velocity RPh provides the white coat—but also the credentials and spirit behind it. The pharmacists we send to work in your location are properly insured and licensed, without “black marks” like probation, disciplinary action or other blemishes that might otherwise keep him or her from finding a permanent pharmacy job. Our pharmacists also love what they do—and it shows. We said it before but feel it’s important enough to say it again: the pharmacists we send your way are pharmacists we’d trust working in our pharmacy, dispensing our drugs, interacting with our staff, and advising and working with our patients and customers.

Need “customer-centered” agency management?
We know most of our clients prefer not to have to use a pharmacy staffing agency. After all, it’s much easier for you if you can find one of your staff pharmacists to fill planned and unexpected vacancies. That’s why we go to great pains to make the agency process as easy, as painless and as risk-free as possible for you, before, during and after. And we think you’ll find, as many of our long-term, satisfied clients also have, that having Velocity RPh on your team is the next best thing to having your own staff pharmacist on the job (and sometimes better since we handle the payroll and taxes and insurance and all the other nuances of human resources).

Take The Next Step.
If you need a pharmacy for a current or upcoming opening, contact us right now by e-mail or phone. If you’d like to explore the possibility of partnering with Velocity now so you’ll be ready and able to fill unexpected openings as they arise, then your next step is also to e-mail or call. We’ll discuss your requirements, answer any questions you might have and explore your staffing options further.

We look forward to serving you.


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